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This site is a portal to the records of the Bass Biological Laboratory of Englewood, Florida, during the 1930s and early 1940s. The Bass Laboratory was Florida's first independent, non-profit, full-time, coeducational marine and biological research laboratory. The Lab maintained a profit-making subsidiary, Zoological Research Supply.

Records of the Bass Laboratory have been rescued and are archived at Mote Marine Laboratory. In 2010 priority is being given to preservation, inventory, and digitization of the records.

This Community will provide electronic access to documents, photographs, personal communications, field logs, and other records from the Laboratory.

Collections in this community

  • An Introduction and Overview to the Bass Biological Laboratory Papers

    This introduction provides a scope and content note and a brief history of the Bass Biological Laboratory collection.

  • Bass Biological Laboratory Papers

    The records in this collection include papers from visiting scientists, research records, laboratory operational records, and personal papers of John F. Bass, Jr. The items in this collection derive from the research done at the lab by staff and visiting scientists as well as the daily operations of the lab.

  • Zoological Research Supply Company Papers

    The Zoological Research Supply Company was the profit-making subsidiary of the Bass Biological Laboratory. The activities of both the Laboratory and the Zoological Research Supply Company were closely intertwined. The records in this collection derive from the operations of the ZRS, which supplied specimens to schools and laboratories throughout the country.

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The rescue and ongoing preservation of these documents has been a twenty year process. These records provide valuable material for researchers on the biodiversity, coastal ecology, and socio-economic conditions of 1930s Florida. The availability of these items is intended to increase knowledge, and not for profit.

The materials in the collection have been donated by several sources, the majority by the Bass family. Credit must be given to Mote and the original copyright holder where applicable. Contacting sources for copyright permission is an ongoing process as new materials arrive and more is learned about the collection. In an effort to discover the source for some materials, many items have been made available through DSpace. If you are a copyright holder for an item in this collection and have not yet been notified, please contact us. If you are the copyright holder and have concerns regarding that item’s presence on the site, those issues will be addressed and/or the item will be removed.

Please call, email, or write to us at:

basslab@mote.org, (941) 388-4441 ext. 389 Or library@mote.org, (941) 388-4441 ext. 333

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